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how to get to... Vanniy pereulok, 3
To 10-th Big Fontain station (Fontanskaya road)
From Railway Station :
With changing, or 500m to tram №18 or №17 (3 hrn) or little-bus 185 or 223(5hrn) , then to 10 Big Fontain station and then walking on the beach direction...
With changing - 175, 210 local small buses to 5th Big Fontain station, then by trams №18 or №17(3 hrn) or small local buses 185 or 223(5hrn) till 10th Big Fontain Station and then walking a little bit on beach direction...
Taxi - Uklon-Taxi 79hrn, Uber - 76hrn, but depends on cars avail., Yandex taxi - 54 hrn.
From Bus Station:
Small local bus 208 to до 5th Big Fontain station, then by trams №18 or №17(3 hrn) or small local buses 185 or 223(5hrn) till 10th Big Fontain Station and then walking a little bit on beach direction...
Taxi - Uklon-Taxi 100hrn, Uber - 74hrn, but depends..., Yandex taxi - 66 hrn.

Where to live
Like the last time, You can ask an organization team for accomodation (when passing threw registration form)

As usual tango-guests can use"Mirniy" *** hotel For booking use e-mail mirnij@bk.ru with subject "Big KIPISH" or just call +380487167737. Check out at 10:00 AM.

All information about last KIPISH - KIPISH at Facebook

Big Odessa KIPISH, weekend-tango-intensive, from 1.09 till 3.09

Wellcome to Big Odessa KIPISH, weekend-tango-intensive, from 1.09 till 3.09 in Odessa.


Big Odessa KIPISH, weekend-tango-intensive,  from 1.09 till 3.09 A lot of people say that Small Tango Kipish passed very successfull. So it would be wrong to skip our new meeting this summer. Be prepared for sensational news and for the big holiday near Black Sea. Check this out! Attune your ears! Big KIPISH in Odessa will take place from 1/09 till 3/09 at the sea shore in Stella Residence.
    Kipish program will include:
  • Three milongas at summer veranda near the Black Sea
  • Lessons and practices with best Odessa’s teachers
  • Tasty dinners and exquisite dishes from Odessa’s mothers
  • Excursion at the biggest catacombs (underground tunnels) in the world for those, who stay until Tuesday.
All of those things are for ridiculous low prices. If you choose between come or not, ask those who were “kipishing” last time and pack the suitcase!

The program of the festival:

kipish programme

Friday 1/09
18.00-19.00 Meeting of participants.
19.00-01.00 Milonga-opening “We were waiting for you and you are come”. Tdj Solomia Humetska (Lvov, Ukraine)

Saturday 2/09
12.30-14.00 Class#1.1 Women techniques with Giella Tkach (GT).
12.30-14.00 Class#1.1 Navigation secrets for men with Denis and Andreyм (терраса)
14.00-15.00 Dinner
15.00-16.30 Class#2 Filling the embrace. Hugs with a sense. Denis Tangerovich and Ekaterina Pivovarenko
16.30-21.00 Free time “Relax on the beach”
21.00-3.00 Milonga “Kipishing with overseas guest” . Tdj Cumhur Dilek (Izmir, Turkey)
3.00-6.00 Sunrise afterpaty with light breakfast and swimming in the end. Tdj Halil Ertekin (Istambul, Turkey)

Sunday 3/09
13.00-14.30 Class#3 “Do it good-looking for me. Beauty basis in tango”. Andrey Voznyuk
14.30-15.00 Dinner
15.00-17.00 Moderating practice with all teachers of Kipish.
19.00-1.00 Milonga “I am not over yet”. Tdj Tdj Katherine Pivovarenko (Odessa, Ukraine)

Register link:

Please click the link next REGISTRATION...


Until 18.08:
Fullpass - 27 € (800 uah)
All milongas Pack - 14 € (400 uah)
After 18.08 (or buying separaterly):
Milongas 5 € / 7 € / 5 €
Practice - 2 € (50 uah)
Classes - 7 € (200 uah)



  • Solomiya Humetska Shalom! Today we are starting to get to know major participants, with people who will create our evening atmosphere- TDjs! We will get started with Fridays Milonga Dj – Solomiya Humetska from Lvov. «If you asked me why I'd started dancing tango and DJing at milongas, I'd say that it's all because of music - it's enchanted me and the magic still hasn't withered away. I love versatility of Troilo, I respect the depth of Pugliese's drama and Demare's philosophy, I relish the infinite lyricism of Di Sarli and the tenderness of Fresedo, I admire the airiness of De Angelis, the vigor of D'Arienzo and unpredictability of Biagi... When playing at milongas, I offer everyone to experience all these emotions on the dance floor.» That is what she is. Don’t miss her DJing at first milonga-opening on Friday..

  • Cumhur Dilek The Magician Cumhur Dilek. Plays on the edge between melody and rhythm. The powerful, elegant and playful aspect of his personality is easily recognized at his music. His international experience in Dj-ing will amaze you.
    “People are the most important element of Tango. My first priority is happiness of people as a Tango Dj. People are the best source of inspirations for me. I observe them and try my best to give whatever they want.”
    He played music at many International Festivals, Marathons and local milongas since 2009. He organized Milonga Agrilia (2009, 2010, 2011), Milonga Aegean (2014) and Aegean Tango Marathon (3 editions till now) in Turkey. This guy is worth your attention, trust us!

  • Cumhur Dilek Probably one of the best Dj’s of Turkey, Halil Ertekin met with Tango in 2004, and started DJing in 2007. He has been performing at most prestigous local milongas and international tango festivals at home Also, travelled many times for abroad tango marathons. In general, The most obvious feature of him is; His success at improvising according to the energy of milonga and keeping the atmosphere dynamic.
    You can find him at Dj's mixing console on Saturday sunrise milonga.

  • Katherine Pivovarenko The most favorite TDj of Odessa and one of organizers of KIPISH will be djing at final Sunday’s milonga. Her name is Katherine Pivovarenko. Her milongas always full of drive and good mood. Her tandas always provoke people into active “cabeseo” and it is difficult to just sit back when her tandas are playing. As a result, the dance-floor is never empty almost all tango evening
    “It is always make an impression on me when people listen to dj’s music with respect and without background (foil) attitude. It is always inspires me, when I see at least several shining eyes at the milonga, which bliss out on music. Sometimes I think that I read their thoughts, catching what they want to hear next and just choosing right orchestra. It is always brings to me a lot of pleasure. I can fell unity with dance-floor at that moments. There is a real magic of tango.”
    You can fell magic of Katherine Pivovarenko at Sunday 3/09.

  • андрей вознюкEnglish version will be later
    Андрей Вознюк ( Andriy Voznyuk ) – самый «древний» тангеро выросший в Одессе, с опытом перевалившим за десяток лет. Организатор и руководитель “Essa!” – одной из самых популярных школ в Одессе. Его семинары детализированы, насыщены метафорами и обильно сдобрены юмором. Для лучшего понимания женской техники обзавелся двумя парами 42 размера женских туфлей (каблук 6 и 10,5 см.). Последние несколько лет часто дает уроки за пределами Одессы и Украины. Много путешествует. Танцует креативно. Каждый его урок направлен на проработку базовой техники, при этом движения разнообразны по структуре, сложности и выходят за рамки привычного танго.

  • пивасы English version will be later
    Делиться своим опытом на семинаре №2 в субботу будет пара преподавателей из Одессы Денис Тангерович и Катя Пивоваренко. Они регулярно преподают с осени 2012 года. В их школе аргентинского танго Va Bene царят идеи равноправия в паре, любви к процессу и необходимости нахождения собственного комфорта для каждого из участников пары. Их уроки полны драйва, веселья и всегда находят отклики в сердцах учащихся.

  • gt Gella Tkach (GT) Teacher at the "Bando del Tango" school. Organizer of various tango events..